Sewer & Industrial Cleaning

Sewer Maintenance

Here at Blockaid our experts can take on all your needs for sewer renovation


There are many reasons why you may need repairs to your sewers, poor maintenance, wear and tear due to weather conditions, collapse, blocked drains due to foreign objects within the pipe i.e. roots penetrating the pipe, all these can cause cracking or worse collapse.  Other causes could be the type of drain fitted e.g. Cast-Iron pipes may suffer from corrosion and rusting with age which will eventually will lead to surface damage, Clay pipes can be affected by the weather becoming brittle. Any of these could be costly to repair, whatever the problem we are here to provide a no fuss quotation.

How do I know if I have a damaged Sewer?

Sometimes its obvious you have a problem with your drains and sewers, your toilet may not be flushing, if may not have enough water in it. Strange noises may be coming from it or it may even be backing up. Any of these symptoms need investigation.  Were on hand to pop out and investigate the problem, identify it and put a plan of action into place for more information just give us a call on our 24/7 hotline 0161 273 3133.


Industrial cleaning

Industrial drain cleaning can be combined with other cleaning and hazardous waste services. Our industrial drain cleaning service covers routine inspections and general maintenance of Separators (Interceptors) drains and sewers, as well as 24-hour emergency call out.

Regular separator maintenance (formally known as interceptors) is essential to safeguard businesses that handle and store oil or other hazardous materials – such as petrol station forecourts, major car parks and hauliers’ yards – from on-site flooding and pollution to the environment. Separators are designed to trap harmful substances before they enter the surrounding area, but if they are not serviced and become blocked, apart from the pollution risk, flooding can also be a problem as water cannot run off-site. We service and maintain all types of interceptors, we hold full waste safety certification and always provide a full audit trail with certification on completion of work.


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