Septic Tanks & Grease Traps

Cleaning and maintaining Septic tanks and Grease traps.

Septic Tanks
A septic tank is mostly used to store waste temporarily and should be cleaned out on a regularly basis to avoid build ups inside the tank, regular services will prevent overflowing. Septic tanks are usually standalone. A sewage unit that is usually not connected to any main drainage system.

We recommend a quarterly service which includes removing the waste from the septic tank using our tanker units, providing a full audit trail of certification and consignment documentation to show how we have disposed of the waste in line with waste regulations. Our drainage engineers are fully trained to maintain and service the tanks in turn increasing the lifetime of your septic tank and avoiding unnecessary build ups or overflowing.
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Grease traps
A grease trap is basically an interceptor that is located within a drain or sewage drains to separate grease, fat, oils and food waste from water. By doing this it prevents fats and greases from entering into the waste management system and creating blockages. Most grease traps are located inside of a kitchen or sometimes in larger commercial properties outside the kitchen areas. Larger Commercial properties such as large restaurants, schools, hospitals etc have the grease trap located outside in the grounds of the property. Smaller restaurants and other businesses may have the grease trap located inside.
Cleaning and maintaining your grease trap.

If a grease trap is not regularly cleaned it can cause a number of problems later on. If the levels of the collected waste are not controlled regularly this can have an adverse effect on the grease trap and cause drain blockages, waste coming back up the drains, strong smelling odours and fatty waste escaping into the drainage system. To ensure the grease trap remains clean and in full working order, it is advised that regular servicing and maintaining is carried out to prevent problems further down the line. It is the sole responsibility for the property owner to have someone come out and have the grease trap maintained and cleaned every regularly to prevent any health and safety issues arising.


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